Mathoku Junior:  Math Game for the ipad, iphones and Android

The puzzle game of Mathoku is similar to Sudoku but with a mathematical twist.  The goal of the game is to place numbers from zero to nine in the spaces provided to produce the total for each row and column, utilizing the mathematical operations shown.  Mathoku is easy to learn and fun.  Since the app utilizes random numbers to generate each puzzle, the number of combinations is about 5,000 per level.

Created by a certified math teacher, the Mathoku apps can help sharpen a child’s arithmetic skills as well as stimulate the logical mathematical minds of children and adults alike.  Fans of Sudoku, Twenty-four and Kenken will love it.  There are five difficulty levels and the ability to ask for a hint when needed.  

Challenge yourself today! 

Mathoku combines Sudoku and math to produce an educational Math Game

Mathoku Junior is available in the Apple app store, on Google Play and the Amazon app store.