Each movement or exercise is uniquely designed, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

Try each exercise and movement to ensure understanding before challenging yourself with extended workouts.

Execute each position and exercise until you feel the movement challenges good body form. DO NOT STRAIN YOURSELF.

Register your progress each day in the app's exercise log. You are also encouraged to write notes daily before and after each workout.  Click here to see screenshots from the app.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What if I miss a day of workout? Try not to, but if you do, simply get back to the point where you last left off. The more you workout, the more you will want to workout. You will learn to enjoy your will to improve.
  • How many repetitions (reps) should I do? Once you are comfortable with how to accomplish a movement, do each exercise until your body begins to feel uncomfortable, then do one more rep. To accomplish your goals you must learn to work through uncomfortable situations but do not strain yourself. Remember the key is to get in shape to play the game. When you defeat the uncomfortable feeling, you create a positive momentum for achievement of your goals. Count the number of reps and register them in your daily log.
  • How much time should I allow between exercise movements? Very good question! When you feel comfortable, go to the next movement. Adding a speed-through exercise attitude will add to a better cardio repsiratory development.
  • May I alternate from lower body to upper body movements? Yes. Adding variance or changing your routine is a great idea. It is a form of exercise called circuit training.
  • What if I do not have enough time to finish an entire workout? That is ok. A good method would be to choose to only perform lower body, or only perform upper body, or pick 2 or three movements from each group (lower and upper body). The key element is that you are working to improve your overall personal performance. Well done!
  • Should I repeat exercises during a workout? Yes. Follow the pattern below:
    1. Week One: perform each exercise one time, starting with exercise #1 and ending with #10.
    2. Week Two: Perform each exercise two times, going through the cycle #1 through #10 twice.
    3. Week Three: Perform each exercise three times, going through the cycle #1 through #10 three times.
    4. Week Four: You begin to cycle from lower body to upper body. Start with #1, then #6, then #2, #7, #3, #8, #4, #9, #5 and #10.Go through this cycle two times.
    5. Week Five: Repeat the week #4 cycle, performing this cycle three times.
    6. Week Six:
      • Day One: Use week #2's routine.
      • Day Two: Use week #3's routine.
      • Day Three: Use week #4's routine.
      • Day Four: Use week #5's routine.
  • Can I continue these workouts after 6 weeks? Yes. Follow the pattern below:
    1. Extra Week One: Use week 3's routine.
    2. Extra Week Two: Use week 4's routine.
    3. Extra Week Three: Use week 5's routine.
    4. Extra Week Four: Use week 6's routine.