About Us

The ancient Greeks had two words for time, chronos and kairos. While chronos referred to chronological time, kairos signified a time in which something special happened.  The evolution of the computer into ultra-portable tablets, such as the iPad and smartphones, is something very special.  Kairos Software LLC is proud to be a contributor to this amazing kairos. 

Kairos Software LLC's owner has been creating software since 1980.  Kairos' software has received accolades from both the business and educational worlds.  Today, Kairos is concentrating its efforts on app development for the iOS and Android devices.   One owner of Kairos Software LLC  is a certified mathematics teacher, so many of our apps have a strong educational foundation.  And another owner is a certified physical education teacher and former head football coach.  To contact us, please email kairosco@aol.com.  But first, please read our Frequently Asked Questions since many answers may be there already.